Some things are meant to be…

Before Christmas I just nipped into the Cancer Research shop in Knowle whilst on an early evening trip to the greengrocers. There was a beautiful, purple velvet, bias-cut dress with beading around the neckline, in a size 14, for £20. I stroked it, and mentally reminded myself that I had no reason to buy it, and wasn’t even sure how I’d style it… and walked away.

Lady Mary looking very Pre-Raphaelite in an Edwardian design

Then, I received the Downton Abbey book for Christmas. And watched too much Downton Abbey OVER Christmas. And finished The Children’s Book, which covers a time period from the latter part of the Pre-Raphaelites to the end of WW1, including the Edwardian era. And generally fell in love, again, with Edwardian fashion.

I cursed myself for leaving that dress behind. That dress which would have looked so wonderful paired with evening gloves to the upper arm, and carefully styled hair. I hit ebay with a vengeance, watching dress after dress surpass my budget, some of which were velvet, granted, but not a one, purple. I was bereft.

And then, on Saturday morning, I nipped into the same charity shop, for the first time since Christmas. Rifling through the dress rail I found… the dress. Reduced, now to £10.

Now all I need is an Edwardian (or 30s – after the knee-jerk fashion rebellion of the flappers had subsided, the world fell straight back into pre-war-era style) themed evening to attend. And, granted to lose a few holiday pounds for a sleeker silhouette…


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