I recently pulled this poncho out of hibernation to wrap around my shoulders on the colder days at my computer. It was my Gran’s and has always seemed to me very beautiful, but somehow unwearable.

I think, were I a slimmer shape and more prone to denim, I’d probably style it with skinny jeans and boots. But that’s really not my style, and I can’t see it being so any time soon! Although I do own skinny jeans…

Either way, as a poncho it certainly proves its worth on the days when the pond is frozen over!

Dress: vintage Laura Ashley via ebay; underskirt: RSC costume sale; long-sleeved t-shirt: Primark.


9 thoughts on “Scandi-inspired

  1. Wow – LOVE the poncho! Looks quite Navajo-esque! I am very into Navajo stuff at the moment. I was almost beside myself with delight when I visted the American Museum in Bath (often overlooked and well worth a visit for anyone who’s planning a Bath trip!) and found a whole exhibition on Navajo life and textiles! I agree about the skinny jeans and boots but it looks lovely as it is too. Hope you stay warm! xxx

    • We are planning a trip to Bath, so will bear in mind the American Museum! I *think* my Gran brought the poncho back from Norway (it was definitely somewhere that way at least…) but can certainly see what you mean about the Navajo! xxx

  2. That is an absolutely beautiful poncho. I’ve only ever worn one poncho, and it was a costume in a high school musical. Mr. CP got me one for Christmas, but I have yet to wear it. I really do need to break that out, but I’m still not quite sure how to style it. I keep coming back to skinnies and boots. =)

    • I’ve come up with a sort of mid-way compromise today featuring leggings, bots and a tunic/sweater dress… I’ll upload pics next week and see what the response is… ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. The poncho looks brilliant and in fact, was bought on a trip to Norway in 1974! You look fantastic in it whereas I just couldn’t find a way to wear it when she gave it to me! Just goes to prove fashion goes round and round (as we all know!) xxx

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