The cold snap hits!

Poncho: my Gran’s; leggings & long-sleeved t-shirt: Primark;
tunic: Dotty P’s; vintage snowmaid boots: via ebay

It may look sunny in this picture, but trust me, it’s cold! Hence the poncho again, fast becoming a staple when the cooler days hit!

A couple of years ago, whilst shopping for some brown boots, I found a pair of sheepskin “snowmaids” in the charity shop for £10. They were SO warm, SO comfortable – I raved about them, and wore them non-stop. They saw me through snow and ice, through early morning treks to the bus-stop, and later the Oxford commute, as well as a full Christmas season on my feet at Waterstones. I had them resoled last year, but about 2 weeks ago discovered that they have now been worn beyond repair.

After much sulking and denial, I hit ebay looking for an alternative. Imagine my joy when I found… a pair of snowmaids! In dark red, this time, still sheepskin-lined, and unworn, for £4.99 (+ p&p)!! I was a VERY happy bunny!


One thought on “The cold snap hits!

  1. Ooh it looks lovely! Have you worn it out and about? I would be super jealous if I saw someone wearing it and would probably follow them around until I plucked up courage to ask them where it was from. And then of course I would be disappointed. I have only done that once or twice.. and the answer is generally ‘it was my mum’s’ or ‘New York’ or something!

    I v much like the mustard top with it too. Good choice! H xx

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