Frugal February

I vow, for one month from 1st Feb, to avoid shopping for anything other than essentials.

This is the mantra of Frugal February, as created by the very lovely and rather darned clever Gemma Cartwright of Big Girls Browse.

The aim is to kick start the annual savings, something which, after the excesses of Christmas and the skintness of January, proves no mean feat for most of us. And, as it happens, something I need to do, which is why I’ve signed up for it!

So my plan is this:

  • No clothing purchases in February. This includes charity shop buys, ebay and all those end of sale bargains I just can’t miss out on. This excludes items bought with vouchers, as they don’t actually cost me any pennies!
  • No books or DVDs in February. Dapper and I have got into a habit of buying one another little gifts from our Amazon wishlists to brighten up the average workday. None of that for the next four weeks!
  • No buying a cup of tea on the train to work. As tempting as it is to believe I can’t get through the hour’s commute without caffeine, I know, deep down, that I can make it. Besides, which, the lovely Nat bought me a fabulous Ladybird books Little Red Riding Hood flask for Christmas, which is yet to be put to use.
  • No killing time at the station by browsing and ultimately purchasing reduced goods in M&S Simply Food. I don’t need them!

I am also planning on augmenting my income this month, by making a few ebay sales, and both Dapper and I have agreed that we need to start meal-planning more carefully, shaving a few pennies off the weekly shop.

Those of you who recall the heady days of my being made redundant back in October 2009 will remember the blog posts which began with incomings and outgoings every day. Throughout February I’ll be running something similar, detailing my expenditure and any additional pennies I make. Let’s see how much I can save!


5 thoughts on “Frugal February

  1. I look forward to reading how you get on.

    I’ve a few very important things to save for this year, more ivf, a newer car and hopefully a house move….. And have already set myself rules of only buying sale / reduced or charity shop clothing and footwear. We’ve cut our household food bills by meal planning, eating less meat and bringing packed lunches to work. We need to work more on cutting out what we spend on eating out and coffee shop treats (my daily cappuccino not only adds up ££ wise, but on the waist line too)

    I’m not buying any books or magazines and plan to use my local library more.

    • I think using the library more is a great idea. I have a skeaking suspicion I could last most of the year strictly out of my “to-read” pile, if I tried hard enough… Perhaps I should add that to the list too! 🙂

  2. Oh I was just planning exactly the same thing this month (with a slight exception on my birthday weekend) – do you mind if I borrow your idea – will link up to your original idea of course!) Best of luck with it, seems not so bad for the shortest month of the year somehow….

  3. I remember those days. . .will have a look at your frugal posts.
    Do you have a travel cup or mug? If you’ve got one taking up space in the cupboard, it might help a bit on the commute with the caffeine, and some warmth!

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