The daily spend #1

Outgoings: £11.38 – essential sundries (toothpaste, cleaning products, prescription, etc.)
£34 – commuter costs
£62 – owed to Alysa for ballet tickets
£40 – deposit and charge for Vintage & Handmade Fair
TOTAL: £147.48
Additional incomings: none
Daily savers: no tea on train, brought own lunch to work

Ouch! What a painful first day! Unfortunately, many of these outlays were unavoidable. The ballet tickets I needed to pay for two weeks ago, today was simply the first opportunity I had to get to the bank. Ditto the deposit and charge for the Vintage and Handmade Stall, which will also hopeful pay for itself – but not until March. Taking these out I’m left with a far more reasonable £45.48 – the majority of which is my train and bus fare to work.

These expensive Wednesdays should counterbalance with the many days each week that I don’t actually leave the house, though…


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