Verdict: Monsoon’s Keiko Print Dress

Monsoon Keiko Print Dress: £160

Last October I attended my now sister-in-law’s Henna party. One of her cousins was immaculately dressed in a full length wrap-around kimono which looked absolutely stunning. She wore her long, curly hair loose around her shoulders, and my Mum and I agreed that the whole outfit was spectacular. But also that is looked vaguely dressing-gown-like…

I LOVE this dress, but can’t help but wonder whether the same applies? What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Verdict: Monsoon’s Keiko Print Dress

  1. I’d be really interested in whether anyone’s tried this on or bought it ….I’m interested in it as a potential wedding dress …but I live abroad and can’t get to the Uk till next month
    I love the look of it and I don’t do white or princess dresses! I think it would be dramatic but definitely don’t want the dressing gown look….

    • Hmm no-one else seems to have looked at this (or dress?) but I went, I tried many a monsoon wedding dress & others ….. And I went for Keiko in the end with gorgeous orange Dune sandals and an orange flower for hair. Luckily my mum who was with me didn’t mist up at the white dresses & agreed that this dress was just me!
      I’d say it looks a lot better on a bigger woman than the model in picture. Not something that happens often but this style of dress suits a curvy figure and a bigger bust …. Hooray. I am also shorter so again looks better as sandals only just peep out. It definitely looks a beautiful flattering hippy dress on me not a dressing gown …and I will br channeling Stevie Nicks on my wedding day!

      • Hi Georgie, I’m so excited for you to have chosen this for your wedding dress! The way you describe it sounds stunning, with the shoes and flower for your hair – I’m sure you’ll look a beautiful hippy bride!! 🙂 Cx

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