Talking with fairies

On Saturday I took a walk to the corner shop for basics. It was an absolutely glorious sunny winter’s day, so I extended the walk slightly by returning home along the canal.

The canal was frozen solid, the tow path a sheet of black ice. My walk therefore took even longer than usual, as I made my way by babysteps. I was very aware that slipping in one direction might result in broken bones, the other in an icy plunge into a canal which might have more permanent effects…

I barely met a soul the entire journey, so took the opportunity to take some outfit shots in the beautiful surroundings…

Dress: from the US via Kelsey; top, socks & microfleece tights: all Primark; cardigan: George at Asda; hat: gifted by Dapper’s Mum; fingerless gloves: hand-knitted by Nat; boots: Snow Maidens via eBay

Now, in case you’re wondering about the title of this post, when I got home and uploaded the photos to the computer I found a few photos I don’t recall taking of myself – photos in which I appear to be having a serious conversation with some invisible force dancing around my feet…

Gotta be fairies, right??!!

Parka: Topman via Ben


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