Nutcracking good

Dress: Karen Millen via Ebay; knee high boots: Miss Selfridge; pashmina: a vendor on Birmingham New Street, 3 for £10; belt: taken from a Monsoon dress; cardigan: Matalan

Last Friday night, Dapper and I joined Carys, Lysy, Rosie and Zoë at the Hippodrome for the ballet. We saw Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker, which was fantastic. Perhaps not quite as spectacular as either his Edward Scissorhands or his Swan Lake, but great fun all the same!


10 thoughts on “Nutcracking good

  1. I love that dress! I really want to see the Nutcracker – I haven’t seen any performance of it – I think I would like to see a traditional performance first.

    • I would recommend a traditional performance first to be honest – I don’t think it matters s much with Swan Lake, but with the Nutcracker you can see where Matthew Bourne’s interpretation has stemmed from more clearly. I loved some of the alternative characterisation, but think I understood it better for knowing the story. xx

  2. The boots! ❤ this whole outfit, you look sensational.

    And the Nutcracker – I can remember going to see it as a kid, as part of a class. I've always quite fancied seeing it again through adult eyes (and without 30 10 year olds present in my immediate vicinity!)

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