My first and forever love

Tunic: Dotty P’s; Tartan skirt: Matalan; tights, socks and beret: Primark; boots: Ebay

I bought my first beret in the Topshops sale at the age of 13. It was plain black, wool, and is still in regular rotation in my hat collection, despite having a few inconspicuous moth holes nibbled around the edges!

Back in the 90s when I was first seen sporting my new beret, they were not fashionable. For this reason I was able to pick up several in charity shops for mere pennies, in a wide array of colours. I found a pastel pink, a turquoise and a few knitted versions this way. But a couple of years ago now they hit the high street once more with a vengeance, and my collection swelled thanks to Primark’s fantastic variety of shades at £1 a pop!

Did I mention I’m also rather jolly fond of a good cloche?

I also have some exquisite embellished berets, including a beautiful beaded number bought by my friend Elena, and a felt-flower embellished item in bery tones to complinent my purple coat.

I don’t think my love for berets will ever die. They are warm and practical, they don’t blow off in the wind, and can be worn in a number of ways. And as Sheldon informs Penny, “the beret is an example of piece of women’s fashion adapted from male military uniforms… Another fascinating example is the epaulet.”

What’s not to love!


2 thoughts on “My first and forever love

  1. I’ve always wished I could pull of berets, but I just don’t think my head is shaped properly. I do, however, LOVE cloches. They’re far and away my favorite sort of hat. I also love page boy caps, though I’ve yet to wear one on the old blog. I typically reserve them for bad hair and/or lazy days.

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