What I wore last Wednesday

Sweater: Primark via charity shop; dress: Triple S; belt: from a skirt, gifted; petticoat: House of Olivier; socks: Primark; shoes: M&S

Last Wednesday I got up, showered and washed my hair, got dressed, packed my pre-made lunch and breakfast into my pre-packed bag, and just flicked on the computer, for the usual last minute check that my train was running. Previous experience has alerted me to the fact that the early train to Oxford can occasionally be cancelled, resulting in an hour-long wait for the next train in the soulless void that is Birmingham International station. My train had, in fact been cancelled.

So, I cut my losses, having no meetings or such to attend, and decided to stay home instead. Which resulted in the first few hours of the day being spent in a state of mild irritation at having dragged myself from bed at such an unearthly hour in the first place…

Ah well – at least you get an outfit shot in daylight this way!


2 thoughts on “What I wore last Wednesday

  1. I had to turn for home last Wednesday because of an incident on the line. It was an unexpected and welcome half day off work, but irritating to have spent the morning hanging around Birmingham New Street! But like you, I took the opportunity for a daylight outfit shot, so it wasn’t all bad! x

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