Jumping over giants…

Over the weekend I was, as indicated yesterday, at home. On Saturday morning, Ben and I took the opportunity to have a wee adventure in Cannock Chase’s Sherbrook Valley, soaking up the early Spring sunshine as we clambered across the glacial riverbed, attempting to keep our feet dry…

Beam me up puppy!

The giants are sleeping, buried upright in the ground. These are their tufted heads, which we used as stepping stones over the waters of the glacial valley… I have an over-active imagination – what of it??

We came to the Sherbrook Valley for a Geography field trip when I was about 14. I wore new indigo denim jeans that I’d had for Emma T’s birthday a week or so before, and a cropped sweater that I wore draped off one shoulder – I thought I was the height of cool! It’s funny the things you remember… Everyone had their personal stereos playing Crash Test Dummies Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm at the time, and several of us were singing aloud…

It was far more peaceful on this occasion!


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