Friday florals

Dress, belt and boots: Dorothy Perkins sale items; tights: M&S; cardi: George at Asda; gold dove necklace: a confirmation gift.

Another of those days when slobby sweaters and jeggings just wouldn’t cut the mustard! I awoke early and naturally this morning, so actually spending some time on getting dressed was an option. I sifted through my wardrobe, waiting for something to catch my eye, and this dress, bought for £7 in the Dorothy Perkins summer sale, did the trick!

The boots and belt are more recent purchases, bought, in fact, this very week. I have been lamenting the lack of a pair of flat boots that could be pulled on at a moment’s notice to run out into the grounds – after the dogs, say, or to greet the postman. I spotted these on the sale rack marked down to £20, tried them on and loved how comfortable they are. They are a size 5, which is a whole size smaller than I usually wear, but I have noticed a lot of my size 6 shoes are too big for me of late, so can only assume my feet are shrinking! Or vanity sizing has gotten out of control…

When I got the boots to the checkout, the cashier pulled that regular and favourite Dorothy Perkins sale trick on me, telling me that they were, in fact, on second markdown and therefore even cheaper than I had bargained for! At £12 I could hardly complain!

As for the belt – I ALWAYS check the sales rack for belts in bright colours, as I wear them so regularly. This was £3 and will give my worn-out green vintage number a much-needed break from rotation.

Yes, I am a walking, talking ad for Dotty P’s – they just happen to fit me!

These shots weren’t deliberately arty, the twigs appeared not to be in the way when I balanced the camera, but I liked the effect when I saw the images, so left them in! I know they obscure the outfit somewhat, so I have included another, clearer photo below… I really need to invest in a tripod!


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