How was your weekend?

Mine looked like this:

Dress: vintage via ebay; shoes & belt: Topshop; cardi: George

Friday night, and Dapper rushed home early so that we could nip into Knowle to do the weekly food shop. It was a glorious spring afternoon – certainly not in-keeping with the rest of the weekend, which was rainy, turning to sleet accompanied by a bitter wind on Sunday.

Chocolate coconut granola, a recipe from The Vintage Tea Party.

The great thing about this recipe is that it makes enough to fill a jar like this one, which I think would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift, but with a serving left over to eat yourself!! I had mine with honey yoghurt – noms!

Courgette and seed muffins, made as per this baking mad recipe.

As muffins go, these are pretty healthy ones, mine made with spelt flour, and containing grated courgette, pumpkin seeds, honey and oats. They make a satisfying mid-morning snack. I made half of mine in my silicone cases, and the other half in paper muffin cases – the silicone most definitely won in the taste test!

I spent Sunday selling my wares at the Blighty Boutique Vintage and Handmade Fair, which was another fantastic event! Cleverly enough, I failed to take a single photo, but hopefully one or two will appear on their facebook page in the none-too-distant future…

Oh, and if you’ve got 5 minutes, hop over to see the new look sew make believe website, which Kate has been working her socks off to finish. It looks AWESOME, and there’s a wee giveaway going on to celebrate the relaunch too…


2 thoughts on “How was your weekend?

  1. What a wonderful blog, I stumbled upon it quite by accident. I was looking for a pair of red shoes & your Ruby Tuesday’s blog popped up, it was so much fun, I hope you don’t mind, but I wanted to read more of your blog. Thank you for sharing, I am getting ready to invest in a pair of red shoes, and I want them to be the perfect match for my personality, smiles. Again thank you, Dawn

    • Hi Dawn,

      Thanks so much for stopping by, and for commenting! Of course I don’t mind – it’s always a compliment when people want to read what I have to say! I hope you enjoyed everything that you read.

      Do let us know if you choose a pair of red shoes – I’m lookimg to do a little shoe shopping myself this week, only for blue shoes to match my new dress!


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