Treasure hoard

Sunglasses: vintage via charity shop; top: Dotty P’s; belt: Topshop; skirt & shoes: Primark

Last weekend I went to see my friend Elena in Cheshire. Since my speedy escape out of the North East 4 years ago, I have had various belongings stashed in lofts and attics across the country. A quick rummage in hers uncovered just how much stuff I still have to reclaim, as well as a hoard of clothes I had given up for lost…

Like this skirt!

It was a favourite, back in the summer of 2006, and I now recall why. I love the embroidery and the beading, and as Spring has made a sudden decision to, ummm, “spring” this week, I took the opportunity to wear it!

Apologies, as always, for the lack of regular postings, we’ve got a LOT going on at work just now, including our annual mega conference, IATEFL, in Glasgow this week! I’m tweeting and facebooking like a social media fiend!


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