Fings wot I want: the ASOS edition

It’s Spring. At last. Which means… PRETTY DRESSES!!

(You may notice that almost all of these dresses hit below the knee. This is beacuse I deliberately chose the “midi dress” category, as I’m beginning to feel a little too old to be running around with bare knees bared. Also, I prefer a slightly longer dress, which is both easier to wear and more flattering to a curvier form… Boy, was I glad when midi lengths hit the high street!)

ASOS Midi Dress In Watercolour Print, £38.00.

Y’all know I love a green dress. Well, this is a green dress with a difference. I adore the contrast piping, and the v-neck… Unfortunately, what could be a fantastic dress is ruined slightly by a latticed back, which does NOT accomodate the wearing of a brazier. So many summer dresses these days don’t accomodate a decent bra – which is one of the reasons you’ll rarely see me in a strappy dress without a cardi or shrug!

ASOS PETITE Midi Dress With Tie Back, £28.00

Oh, to be petite – and able to carry yellow! If I were to buy this, I’d add a couple of big, shiny white buttons to centre front, maybe a cuple of ribbon bows to those wonderful statement pockets… What is it about pockets that can make a good dress great? And I’d proably wear it with these:

Because you know I love the matchy-matchy!
gambier wedges, £29.00 from

People Tree Midi Dress with Sailboat Print, £75.00

Before I begin, may I just say, midi my foot! This is definitely NOT a midi-length dress. But it definitely IS absolutely gorgeous. And so, naturally, more expensive than I would usually consider reasonable for a summer dress! But, at least with People Tree you know your money is paying for Fair Trade fashion, organic cotton, hand screen-printing, etc, etc…

ASOS Midi Dress With Rose Print, £38.00

This model is VERY annoying, I know, but please try to concentrate on the dresses and not her crazy-pulling-face! I LOVE a dress with sleeves. Especially three-quarter-length sleeves. This is also a lovely light spring colour without being white (golly, can I ever NOT pull off stark white) and offers lots of tones in the print to bring out with accessories – there’s a slim chance this one might actually end up in my basket at some point…

ASOS Midi Dress with Applique and Chiffon Insert, £120.00

I can imagine this on an alterna-bride at a low-key spring wedding, worn with long loose tresses and a simple handwoven ivy crown. I think it is absoultely stunning, though not my style. It has a flower-power vibe about it that really appeals to the slumbering hippy in me!


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