How was your weekend?

Mine looked like this:

Dress & belt: vintage via ebay; shoes: M&S; hold-ups: Primark;
shrug: George @ Asda

Saturday night Scottish Country Dance Social:

Sunday “strolling”… (Yeah, all 8 miles of strolling – I could barely move by the time we got home again!)

This tree was really white – but sadly doesn’t show up on screen!

Also, really big!

Bess the dog, most commonly referred to as Pest, Pestus Pantsus; or Pestus Pantillonicus. Or Pestus Amphibius, when there’s water about!

Yup, you are seeing correctly. And yup, we were still in Warwickshire…

And finally, back home. Our nearest neighbours (literally behind the bedroom wall) were out enjoying the sunshine…

Yup, the lambkins are our nearest neighbours. They’re really very quiet – a bit inquisitive, but mostly keep to themselves!


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