Historical trip: Hardwick Hall

Dress: Dorothy Perkins; cardi, belt & tights: Topshop; cami & shoes: M&S

Last Thursday – a week ago today – we decided to celebrate being on holiday by visiting a National Trust property. Hardwick Hall in Debyshire is one of the houses belonging to the Devonshires – alongside Chatsworth, Bolton Abbey, Devonshire House, etc.

Hardwick Hall as it is now was built by Bess of Hardwick in the 1570s – prior to this her family had lived in he Old Hall, a couple of hundred metres away. This was left to ruin once the new hall was complete, and makes an interesting trip in its own right.

Cape coat, beret & bag: charity shop; boots: a gift from DapperI recently read the biography Elizabeth and Georgiana: the Duke of Devonshire and his two duchesses by Caroline Chapman, and as such have developed an interest in this particular British dynasty. The entire family line fascinates me, from Bess of Harwick in the 16th century, right down to the Dowager Duchess Deborah Devonshire, one of the Mitford girls whose biography was released in 2012.

The gallery is just amazing – dozens of famous portraits, widely used on the covers of historical biographies, hanging there for all to see… unbelievable!

As we left, the last of the snowfall from our cold shap last week was still on the ground. Even the bright April sunshine wasn’t strong enough to melt the last of winter!


4 thoughts on “Historical trip: Hardwick Hall

  1. Oooh, was the book any good out of interest? Some biographies can be a little dry in their style of writing, but that sounds like my cup of tea…..

    • I really enjoyed it – found it dry to begin with, but soon warmed up to her style. By the end, Dapper knew almost as much about Bess as I do – thanks to my constant commentary! 🙂 Cx

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