Easy entertaining…

Dress: M&S via charity shop; cardi: Dorothy Perkins; hold-ups: Charnos; headband: Claire’s Accesories; belt: charity shop; shoes: M&S

This last week has mostly been about entertaining folks we’ve barely had the time to see since Christmas, and getting over an inevitable bout of holidayitis. For this reason, combined with recent weather conditions, we have managed to complete exactly none of the trips we had planned for the break. We have climbed no mountains, visited no historical high streets, enjoyed no extended country walks… In some ways, a disappointment, although more, I think, for you guys than for Dapper and myself!

But I’m happy to say that every hosting occasion has been an absolute delight. I’m so pleased we managed to squeeze so many people in, despite both feeling pretty darned shoddy for a lot of the week. And Dapper cooked his famous stuffed marrow on more than one occasion, neatly splitting the cooking duties in two and therefore halving my workload – a definite bonus!

I have also taken advantage of the moments between guests, rain showers and coughing fits to really get the herb and vegetable garden going. We have a lovely little suntrap right outside the bedroom door, ideal for pot plants and hanging baskets.

Headscarf: was my Gran’s; navy dress & lambswool jumper: charity shop

I began growing various fruit, veg and herbs from seed last month, and have now transferred seedlings to the great outdoors to see how they fare. Fingers crossed they do well, and we’ll have a variety of fresh herbs, spinach, radishes, beetroot, strawberries, tomatoes, rocket, shallots, etc etc in the months to come!

Meanwhile, maybe next holiday we’ll manage that munro…


4 thoughts on “Easy entertaining…

  1. Thank you for making us so welcome, w
    e had a lovely day on Tuesday!. Sam was really taken with the sword fighting and Bobby has just left with his wooden sword and shield under his arm!! One word of warning – make sure the seedlings are covered at night (Just a bit of plastic will do ) as the frosts can be pretty bad in April xxx

    • I’ve got little hats for them made from old plastic bottles!! My seedlings are very well-dressed fellas…
      After our visit to the Welsh Marches to see friends this weekend I’m desperate to keep chickens!! You know how I feel about eggs, but their poached bantam eggs were SO tasty, and about 80% yolk! Those are eggs I’d willingliy eat any which way! đŸ˜€ xxxx

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