Easy Livin’

I’ve genuinely not been up to much over the last couple of weeks, hence the lack of posting. We spent the last weekend of our holidays visting friends in the Welsh Marches, complete with a walk up and around Bury Ditches, with some excellent views of the Welsh-English borders:

And the remainder of my time has been spent, as you see, either working, or messing about in the grounds in my wellies! I have done a fair amount of gardening, but no crafting whatsoever – I genuinely have very little to say for myself!

There’s a goat on the other side of the fence.
She’s good for a chat on occasion!

But I did snap an outfit shot before I left for Oxford on Wednesday, so we’ll be back to What I wore Wednesdays next week. And I’ve been doing a spot of ebay shopping too, so there may be some excting new looks coming your way soon!

Dress: gifted by Roisin; socks and sweater: Primark; headscarf: inherited; wellies: Dunlop via charity shop


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