Saturday day trip: Evesham

Dress, shoes and velvet jacket: via ebay; hold-ups: Charnos; petticoat: handmade; fun fur stole: Primark; brooch: antique shop in Edinburgh

On Saturday we followed a top tip from Princess Pru and hit the charity shops in Evesham. We were not remotely disappointed! Evesham itself is beautiful, and the charity shops are plentiful, well-stocked and cheap! I got plenty of sweaters for felting, plus some for myself, a couple of gorgeous wicker baskets, a new wide red Per Una belt, an autobiography (hardback) of Marie Antoinette – and plenty of other odd bits. Dapper was similarly lucky, and most proud of the leg guards he picked up in Magpie, which was right up his alley, filled to the rafters with military memorabilia, toy soldiers, and other bric-a-brac. We had a tasty lunch in the Cafeteria Milano – I had a brie and redcurrant baguette with a side of proper continental cafe-style frites, which was just perfect. It was one of those lovely local cafes, clearly family run, where the staff all knew the regulars by name. And the regulars were mostly elderly couples enjoying their weekly treat of gammon, egg and chips. Dapper and I caused quite a stir!

We’ll definitely go back to Evesham for more bargain-hunting – indeed, we ran out of time and missed out on two of the charity shops, there were just so many to rifle through! If you’re local and fond of thrift, I highly recommend a visit!


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