How was your weekend? Part 1

Mine started on Friday looking like this:

Dress: gift from Kelsey; cardi: charity shop; head scarf: ebay;
hold-ups; Charnos; boots: Dotty P’s

My brother Ben came over for dinner on Friday night, which was really lovely. I don’t see him often enough, and will see him even less frequently once he moves to Sheffield this month! 😦

On Saturday we went dog-walking:

And found this:

Wild garlic! Some of which I brought home in a plastic tupperware tub and made into this:

Wild garlic butter for making garlic bread and other garlic-infused recipes; wild garlic oil; wild garlic and parmesan pesto

The rest of Saturday was spent doing the mega monthly stock-up shop, visiting a local garden centre for some strawberry plants and compost, and gardening:I transplanted some Jack-by-the-Hedge (Garlic Mustard), Wild Garlic and Sage plants that Marios had brought over for us to a spot in the back corner of the grounds:

Sticky Willy (AKA goosegrass or cleavers), which apparently makes a great treatment tea for UTIs, and nettles, which will soon be featuring in my first attempt at nettle soup!

What I’m wearing: Headscarf: made from a piece of fabric gifted by Roisin; sweater: charity shop; jeggings: George @ Asda


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