How was your weekend: Part 2

The latter part of mine looked like this:

Forget-me-nots – one corner of our meadow is a cloud of blue just now…

Vintage 70s dress (+belt, worn as hairband) & parasol: via ebay; vintage scarf (worn as belt) & South cardigan: via charity shop

There was also lots of this:

And repeat. Yup, I have truly got the felting bug, both machine and needle. I’m making some interesting discoveries concerning what will and won’t felt – largely on a brand basis, as some treat their sweaters even if they don’t tell you they do – so sometimes 100% lambswool should felt, but doesn’t. I’ll let you know when I find a use for the baggy, mis-shapen mess that comes out of a hot wash in these particular cases – I’m determined to find a use for them!

My hot tip for the best sweaters to felt in my limited experience is Gap lambswool – the stripy ones that were all the rage about 10 years ago now. They felt up a treat:

Shown here with a Liberty print bias trim and pearl press studs.

The stripes also make it really easy to line up any poppers or buttons! Meanwhile, avoid M&S like the plague – they refuse to felt full stop!


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