Hits (and misses) of the 90s

Ahh, the 1990s – my teenage years! At work yesterday I updated my Apple ID security questions, and a flashback to my first ever gig – Shed Seven – sent me hurtling down a black hole of nostalgia…

This is one of the dresses Kelsey sent over for me, and always puts me in that 90s frame of mind. The boots may not be Doc Martens, and the longline cardi may not be a flannel shirt, but I cannot help but nod to that Britpop-drenched decade with a black velvet choker, the gentler side of gothic…

Hands up if you recall the great Britpop battle of ’95: Blur vs Oasis, Country House vs Roll with it? Hands up if you can remember the winner of that great face-off? Nope, me neither. But I do remember that fated GCSE history coach trip to the Imperial War Museum, the bus split in two and ringing with the raucous sound of teenage voices raised tunelessly in song. I was a Blur girl, but some of my friends were team Oasis – and the entire student body of the history department spent the 3 hour journey attempting to drown the other team out. I’m sure the coach driver loved every minute of it!

Hands up if you progressed from Britpop to slighter heavier music, frequenting the rock clubs, traipsing around the countryside following your mates’ band from working man’s club to town hall in search of the latest battle-of-the-bands venue, faithfully clad week-on-week in knee boots, bindhi and tiara, whilst secretly wishing you could be Gwen Stefani in No Doubt, pink hair and all…

Just me, then? I somehow doubt it…

But you know something? I loved every smoke-filled, beer-drenched, sticky-floored minute of it! I Even when I nearly got trampled in a Prodigy mosh pit at Reading ’98… I wouldn’t erase one single moment.

Of course, not everything about the 90s was especially appealing, as I was reminded whilst checking my emails yesterday afternoon…

Ahhh, I remember this trend last time around! It wasn’t great then (althought I did have the belly button ring for it – sorry Mummy – I promise it’s long-gone now!) – and that was pre-obesity-epidemic…

Nostalgia trip stopped in its tracks. Thanks, but no thanks, Topshop!

*P.S. Yes, this does mean no “What I wore last Wednesday” post next week. But I wanted to share this with you sooner rather than later. I’ll try to find something else to share with you instead…


5 thoughts on “Hits (and misses) of the 90s

  1. I was team blur too, and a Mahoosive No Doubt fan. I so wanted to be Gwen Stefani, I dyed my long hair blonde (it didn’t look good) and took to wearing bindis. I’d still quite like to look like Gwen Stefani really… It’s never going to happen. X

  2. *puts hands up*

    Although, my brother and sister are quite a bit older than me, so I was sort of into assorted metal *before* the britpop and grunge things happened.

    I was awkward and like Blur *and* Oasis. And Pulp. And The Levellers. And the Prodigy. And…well, you get the idea.

    I still have plenty of No Doubt on my iPod. Was singing along to Sunday Morning on my way home just this evening!

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