Returning to Middle Earth

Did you know that the West Midlands, where we live, was the inspiration for Middle Earth? Tolkien grew up locally, and many of his characters and locations were inspired by local people and places – particularly Sarehole Mill and Moseley Bog.

Sarehole Mill – the venue for the Middle Earth Weekend

When Marios suggested we all go along to the Middle Earth weekend we jumped at the chance. Any excuse to dress up and step back in time…

Dress: handmade back in my uni days; blouse: charity shop

We were told we looked “very Edwardian”, and Dapper was asked whether he had come dressed as Professor Tolkien himself…

Marios made a video slideshow of the event, which he uploaded to YouTube:

I came home happy with some handmade coconut ice (a weakness of mine!), a few future birthday gifts and some plants for my edible hanging baskets. A very unusual way to spend a Sunday.


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