Happy Jubilee

Yup, here in the UK we’re enjoying the second of our two public holidays, celebrating our wonderful Queenie’s jubilee! I am a royalist through and through, loving the royal family, the heritage they provide and the tether they give us to our fantastic and varied history. So inevitably I got right into the jubilee spirit, and booked a table at the Jubilee Vintage and Handmade Fair in Birmingham city centre alongside the lovely Charlie of Charlie Button Knit Kits.

Sunday’s outfit: dress & belt: charity shops;
cardi: Monsoon; shoes via ebay

Unfortunately, Sunday was dreich! I have never seen Birmingham quite so deserted…

Even the floozy in the jacuzzi looked stroppy! The highlight of my day was running into a familar face in the shape of the lovely Louise & Peter, on their Bebopaloulou Vintage stand.

And bringing Charlie home to one of Dapper’s famous cottage pies!!

Monday was much brighter – so much so that my Mum, who stopped in for the day, was able to take some proper outfit shots on the streets of Brum:

Victoria Sqaure was looking much livelier:

As were the decorations!

Even the floozy looked far happier!

And guess who won a HUGE box of chocolates for her Jubilee inspired outfits?

You can see a round-up of the fair and some more photos over on Down the Garden Path. But do leave m a comment and tell me, how did you utilise your free days off?


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