Catching up…

I’ve something of a mash-up of photos for you today, to demonstrate some of the odds and ends I’ve been up to of late. First up: What I wore two Wednesday’s ago for work:

Dress & sunglasses: vintage via charity shop; slip: market stall; shoes: Topshop; belt: M&S; cardi: South via charity shop; necklace: gift from my brother

Yup, back then it was sunny! Then we had a fortnight of rain, during which time I ate a lot of wild garlic pesto lunches and probably smelled pretty pungent as a result!

Pasta salad with tomatoes, spinach and pumpkin seeds

Wild garlic pesto bruscetta

Dapper and I went on a shopping trip to Shirley, where I picked up a new “hillbilly” blouse in a charity shop for £3.99:

Blouse, skirt & belt: all via charity shop; shoes: T K Maxx

I also enjoyed the inaugural meeting of the new sister branch to sew make believe in Solihull, for which I just had to bake a cake:

And suddenly it’s two weeks later, and the second Solihull meetup is scheduled for tomorrow night! We’re making sock toys – I can’t wait!



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