Bad blogger

I am one, I know it. But I’m knee deep in conference presentation prep, as well as being thigh-deep in summer fete makes – and really struggling to keep up! These are some of my makes:

These were made up to ensure I had plenty of stock for the Highlare School summer fair this weekend, which you can read more about on Down the Garden Path. Of course, a summer fair offers opportunity to dress up:

Dress: vintage via charity shop; shoes: Ness; cardi: handmade

The rest of my weekend comprised of more sewing, breadmaking (our first attempt) and generally messing about in the grounds with Dapper and the dogs, catching the sunshine between showers!


5 thoughts on “Bad blogger

    • It is lovely, and the whole village seems to be invloved in the village fete /resident’s association too. I love living here!

      Now we know how easy bread-making is, we’ll be doing it far more often. I’m away at a conference all this week, and Dapper joked that by the time I get back there’s be nothing in the kitchen cupboards but fresh bread – he really enjoyed it!


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