What I wore last… Monday!

Dress: Laura Ashley via second shop, with contrast lining added by me; belt: vintage; cardi: Dorothy Perkins; shoes: M&S

Last week I had not one, but two days in the office, so have two outfit shots for you this week! I also have a post about the weekend before last, for which I wore the very outfit you see here, but with different shoes and a rain coat – look forward to those shots tomorrow!

I also thought I’d share with you our latest make do and mend moment, the “flower bed” we created for our vegetables on the rear decking. We went to the garden centre to buy a raised flower bed, and were unwilling to pay the £150 odd they were asking for a few planks of wood. But having recently been given a nice new bed, our old wooden one was wallowing in self-pity out back, and struck us as the ideal alternative!

It now holds our radishes, beetroot, garlic, celery, chives, salad onions, marrows and pumpkins. Job done!


7 thoughts on “What I wore last… Monday!

  1. That’s the most ingenius use of a bed I’ve ever seen, you are so clever! the frock’s gorgeous, really shows off your pretty blonde locks! x

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