How does your garden grow?

After a week away at conference, I was eager to get out onto the decking this weekend and see how my various plants and baskets are getting along…

The hanging baskets have started to bloom!

Alongside strawberry and tomato blossoms (and our first fruits on both), are verbena flowers, and an astonishing array of herbs – thymes, mints, lemon balm, feverfew, sage, rosemary, lavender…


‘African Queen’ nasturtium

Lemon Thyme

Our vegetable “bed” is also coming up nicely, with rocket, pumpkins, marrow and beets, shallots, garlic and chives springing up alongside:

Our second set of radishes

A positive forest of celery!

Between this and Dapper’s new-found love of bread-making, I don’t think we’ll be going hungry this summer!


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