Fings wot I want: more frocks!

There are so many pretty dresses out there just now which I am dying to splurge my pennies on! Typically, this comes just as I’m trying to save my pennies for our holiday in August… but I may just find an excuse to splash out on one or two of these lovely ladies…

Hattie Blackwatch Tartan dress: £89 from LadyJoJo’s Boutique

Three things to note about my ideal dresses. They are long sleeved. They have a full skirt. They feature green quite heavily, especially as part of a tartan. Enough said.

Lady JoJo’s is an Edinburgh establishment, so I might accidentally “fall into” the fitting room with this dress when we’re up that way next month…

Blue leaf print dress: £30, Dorothy Perkins

I would wear this come autumn with brown tights and wedges and a long chunky cardi. It’s just the sort of dress I get plenty of wear out of.

Rust lace dress: £28, Dorothy Perkins

I have a confession to make: I have this dress already, but in bright green. I wore it as a top at our masquerade ball, but have yet to find an opportunity to wear it out in the evening. I think the rust would be a lot easier to wear (brown tights again…) and I do so love the cut of this style. It is SHORT though – very definitely needs thick opaques to work on me!

Seen anything you like recently?


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