What I wore last… Tuesday

Dress: primark via charity shop; cardi: Monsoon; belt, from another dress (Asos); shoes: Matalan

I wore this staple black dress twice last week, swapping the blue tones here for an ochre cardigan with a pair of Matalan moccasins and belt later on. Conference wardrobes are all about working around a theme for me – making one dress do twice the work! I also wore the same cardi & shoes with the Asos dress that belongs to this belt!

Various colleagues asked me about my style over the last week – calling it girly, ladylike, romantic, traditional… all terms which I’ll happily embrace. In fact, I remember doing a quiz in Sugar or Bliss magazine on the subject of personal style in my early teens: I came out as romantic then, and I guess it stuck! But one thing that always comes up in conversations of this ilk is that of emphasising my waist. I always go for something fitted and flared from the waist, because I am the typical English pear.

When I saw the lovely Gemma of Big Girls Browse talking on the very same subject on the M&S body shapes advice hub, I thought I’d share. You can read more about her experiences here, or about other body shapes and the hub, here.


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