What I wore last Wednesday…

Dress (worn as skirt): New Look Maternity via ebay; top: F+F via charity shop; cardigan: George @ Asda

Thank you so much for all your comments on my last post. The congratulations were heartwarming, but the fact that so many of you actually missed my random ramblings on here – well, if I am honest it was completely unexpected. I genuinely didn’t think anyone was remotely interested in what I have to say any more – so thank you for the kind words of encouragement.

I bought the black dress I’m wearing as a skirt here for the lovely Nat’s hen do in September. I was trying to find something I could wear to be glamorous but without looking fat and frumpy. I must say, for a cheapy New Look dress, the draping on this is spectacularly flattering and the jersey material is soft too. I’ll be getting plenty of wear out of it for any Christmas parties I attend too!

But currently I’m mostly trying to wear clothing I already own, perhaps modified with the few maternity pieces I’ve found absolutely necessary already: maternity leggings, belly band and tights. I was finding most regular fit leggings and tights too uncomfortable across my belly – although a handful of more forgiving items are still in regular circulation. I’m holding off more obviously “maternity” wear until later in the pregnancy, and getting as much wear as possible out of my existing wardrobe whilst I still can!


2 thoughts on “What I wore last Wednesday…

  1. You probably already know this, but H&M is great for maternity wear. It’s always hidden away with the children’s stuff though. And if you have a retail park with a Mamas & Papas or similar, chances are all the stores around it will stock the maternity line – the Next near me has it because M&Ps is right next door, as does the Gap and River Island that are there. (My sister just had a baby in May, that’s how I know all this! I spent last winter/spring helping her dress her bump.) Your bump will get bigger faster with it being twins though so you’ll need maternity stuff sooner than you think. Enjoy each stage!

    • All the maternity stuff I have bought so far has been H&M! I’m a bit loathe to spend a fortune on stuff I’ll only get limited wear out of, prefering to make the jersey dresses and oversized sweaters that I already have in the wardrobe stretch on for as long as possible… With twins I know I’ll have to give in eventually – according to everything I’ve read on the subject my bump will look 4 weeks ahead the whole pregnancy through, meaning by 28 weeks (New Year) I’ll look like I’m about to pop! Will look out for Mama’s and Papa’s though – and am also checking out some maternity bundles on Ebay – if only I could find a new Mum with my same taste in clothes in a size 16 – I’d buy her out! 🙂 xx

      P.S. congrats to your sister!

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