An unintended adventure

Still making use of my existing wardrobe, wherever elasticated/shirred waists are available! Or I should say, shirred back panels – as my bust size is actually the size increase that has shocked me the most!
Dress and belt: Dorothy Perkins; cardigan: Topshop; tights: New Look; shoes: charity shop; petticoat: House of Olivier.

Last Saturday was a lovely sunny day, and we had chores to do. I had to get a flu jab first thing, then needed to collect a parcel from the post office. Usually I’d walk – and in truth, if it had been a week day that the flu clinic was running, I’d have had to walk anyway – but as it was a Saturday and my sciatic nerve has been giving me some discomfort of late, Dapper offered to drive me. This should have been about an hour round trip, maximum, but when we came away from the post office, the town was snared up with cars all awaiting their turn for the car park. So, Dapper took an alternative route, turning away from home… and kept on driving!

As we approached Studley, with no idea where we were actually heading, I saw a sign for a charity shop. “That always catches my eye!” I remarked. “Then let’s go!” replied Dapper. And we did!

To cut  long story short, where we stopped were a cluster of small shops – an Age Concern and a Primrose Hospice shop, and a vintage/bric-a-brac shop, Reminisce, with a very friendly shopkeeper who took our photo for her wall! Although I found nothing in Reminisce, I managed to spend £40 in the charity shops in the space of about an hour, on two coats (one cashmere-blend berry-toned, big enough to take me through this coming winter, bump & all – £6 – and one belted green Fever coat for post-baby-weight dog-walking – £3), two dresses (Topshop & Boden, £3 each), a pair of nearly-new purple Clarks ankle boots with buttons (£10), a 7′ red velvet quilted throw for the sofa (£6), a brand new fake fur girl’s bolero for one of next summer’s flower girls (£1.50) and a full 6 piece dinner set in a wonderful 60s/70s Scandi-patterned stoneware, a favourite in our house as it’s a) microwavable and b) far harder for Dapper to break than my china collection (£7.50)!

We then returned home for an afternoon of sorting. I had an awful lot of odds to photograph and list on ebay (we’re clearing out and raising money, unsurprisingly) and Dapper had lesson planning to write. My nesting instinct has already kicked in, and everything was rounded off neatly with my starting a long-planned patchwork quilt, which also gave me something to take to sew make believe on Wednesday night. It all made for a very relaxing day!


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