What I wore last Wednesday…

Dress: Monsoon; tights: Dotty P’s; vest: Primark; shoes: M&S

I know many of you are awaiting wedding pics this week, and I promise that post is on its way. But meanwhile it’s business as usual over here, and last Wednesday’s office outfit shot.

Another existing wardrobe dress that flatters the bump – I’m increasingly relieved by how many of my frocks do actually have a spot of pleating over the tummy area!

As for the pose, I was told this week there is some discussion afoot in the blogosphere regarding the bump grab, and found myself irrationally annoyed by this. Frankly, pregnant women have far more pressing matters to consider than whether or not the way they are standing might somehow insult others – such as how long their legs will hold them upright, what with the extra blood being drained from extremities and pumped towards the small creature they are providing life support for in their middle. Or the two small creatures, in my case. Also, the backache that kicks in far earlier than you might expect, due to the fact that your insides shift almost as soon as you’re pregnant, tilting the pelvis forward, changing your centre of gravity and so the way you stand and, indeed, pose. And then there’s the fact that the bump can be quite uncomfortable. I’m finding the support of am XS boob tube worn under my clothes to provide a sort of belly band a huge relief, but sometimes, rubbing my fast-expanding skin or indeed holding my belly from beneath are the only ways to relieve the discomfort. Particularly if I’ve been, say, standing on a commuter train for a while, or walking around the shops – anything that jiggles!

But most importantly, there’s the fact that, as I have always preached (yes preached) on this here blog, women should be proud of their bodies whatever their shape and whatever the changes they are going through. I am simply enormous just now – there was no chance in hell I was going to be carried over the threshold after our wedding last night, unless Dapper wanted his back put out for good – and I am absolutely delighted with how I look. My body is somehow, miraculously, creating life. I am in awe of it. I am also feeling hugely privileged that, by some stroke of enormous good luck, Dapper and I are capable of this. I know some frankly far more deserving folks who would be such fantastic parents are not as blessed as we are, and I’m grateful for our fortune every single day. I want to protect it, and I want to caress it, not out of smugness, but out of sheer amazement.

I am extremely proud of and excited about my bump. I will grab it – or not – if I want to.


4 thoughts on “What I wore last Wednesday…

  1. Too right. It looks like a pose that is as natural and organic as any I’ve ever seen, and I wouldn’t have you change it for the world. You’re doing someone amazing, and can do it (and your poses) whatever which way you want!

  2. I find the idea of a pregnant woman – whether it be one I know or one I don’t – not grabbing, stroking, soothing or holding their bump because someone, somewhere might possibly be a tiny bit offended absolutely bizarre. I’m absolutely surrounded by pregnant friends at the moment and it is absolutely lovely. Although I am convinced there’s some higher plan to invade the world with boys….but at no point have I ever, ever thought that bump grabbing in real life, photos, blog posts or anything like that to be anything other than showing off the shape. How can people possibly be offended by it? Frankly, if you are offended by such things….well, good for you because there are far, far more pressing things to be annoyed by. I say to those people….grow up.

    One of my friends said she can’t stop touching her bump because when she does, the baby responds. How lovely is that? No wonder she can’t leave it alone!

    On a side note – that dress works so well as a maternity dress! Gorgeous! You really are blooming, lovely lady. I kept meaning to say that your skin is looking spectacular at the moment, so fresh and clear – I’m very jealous 🙂


  3. I have to echo Lauren and Carys – I never realised this was something people were managing to be offended by, and I’m completely puzzled by it: I’ve never been pregnant, of course, but cradling the bump seems like such an instinctive thing to do I’ve always assumed that’s exactly what it was.

    Anyway, on a happier note, you look as gorgeous as ever – looking forward to the wedding post!

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