What I wore last Wednesday

Dress: gift from Kelsey; cardi: George @ Asda; tights & shoes: H&M

I have no excuses, am just very, very busy at the moment. So much so that I have cancelled a week’s leave from work to spend some post-wedding half-term holiday with Dapper, as I just won’t be able to meet deadlines if I take it.  That’s how busy things are…

But on the subject of maternity wear, this is yet another existing wardrobe item that lends itself well to a growing bump. And I am finding flat shoes an absolute must – especially for the commute, where I have a good chance of having to stand up on a packed train. I’m still at the point at which most people are unsure whether I’m pregnant or just plain fat, so won’t offer me a seat. Add to this the fact that my centre of gravity is completely thrown out by the wee newts swimming about inside me, and you have the recipe for falling all over the place – even in flats! I fear heels might be out of the picture for quite some time….

And on the other note I know you’re all awaiting, this weekend I WILL find time to write, at the very least, a pre-wedding post about the venue. We still have to find time to sit down together and sort through the wedding photos themselves, so that post may be some time in coming yet… But just to keep you all happy in the meantime, here is Dapper, snapped in our hotel room whilst we were waiting for the registrar. And yes, this does mean that, whilst my handbag and all other worldly belongings were, by this time, behind reception, in true blogger style I even took my camera to my own wedding!


One thought on “What I wore last Wednesday

  1. ARGGG! What fantastic news – so unbelievably happy for you 😀

    Have you seen the baby on board badges? I imagine they’re quite handy during those middling stages of pregnancy when it’s not really obvious (probably also when bump is hidden under layers of winter-coat!).
    The ones I’ve seen were issued by TFL but I can imagine lots of local councils offer something similar…

    Congratulations again xx

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