What I wore – wedding edition (not mine…)

Dress: Kaliko via John Lewis; cardigan (Jane Norman) and jacket (Per Una) both via charity shop; clutch & gloves: can’t recall…; shoes: Primark; shoe clips: handmade from a pair of old red tights!

Last weekend was the lovely Nat & Steve’s wedding, and I simply couldn’t afford to splash out on a new maternity outfit which might or might not fit when the day came around. So, I had a rifle through the wardrobe for dresses I knew had a bit of space around the belly, and pulled together an outfit based on what I had to hand.

The greatest challenge I’ve been facing with wearing my existing clothes during maternity has not been, as I imagined, finding things that will fasten over the bump as yet, but finding clothes that will fasten over the bust. My usually modest 38A /36B jubblies have ballooned out of all proportion, and whilst many of my dresses still do up over the babies without problem, the bubbies are a different matter altogether!

Luckily, this dress would JUST play ball and fasten – although I did have to nip up to the hotel room after the meal and before the dancing began to have a wee rest and unzip for a breather!

Back to the wedding, it was a really lovely day and made extra lovely by the huge number of decorations made by Nat’s own fair hand! The flowers, the table decorations, the venue decorations, the confetti – all handmade and lovely to add that extra special, personal touch.

And, of course, the bride looked suitably radiant in a dress made by her own mother, no less! A wonderful, classic design Audrey Hepburn would have been proud of!

All in all an utterly wonderful day had by all – HUGE congratulations again to the beautiful couple. xxxx


3 thoughts on “What I wore – wedding edition (not mine…)

  1. You looked gorgeous! That dress has been a god send. I was wondering what you wore and Nat looks so happy.I hope she had a wonderful day xxx

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