November to January: what a difference two months makes!

The last time I blogged I looked like this:

WIW1.1 001WIW1.1 006

Wanna see what happened since then?

WIW1.1 015Before Christmas. Not too big, right?

But then I had a few weeks of not going into work, and so not taking outfit shots, until last Wednesday…

WIW1.1 036


 Yes, I am starting to get especially heavy, and finding the commute one heck of a struggle. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be doing it, to be honest, and have brought my last working day forward to March 1st. I’ve gained over 3 stone already, and the next 8 weeks or so are just about fattening up the bairns, so I’m only going to get bigger and heavier! It’s already a ten minute job to get myself up off the sofa – I’m just waiting for the evening Dapper comes home to find me stuck between the cushions, crying over the fact I’ve not even been able to get myself a cup of tea all afternoon…

But having twins has forced us to make sure we’re ready especially early – we have the cot set up, and my hospital bags packed, plus more clothes than we’ll probably need (I went a little mad on ebay bundles) including several vintage flannel baby nightdresses with embroidered bibs, just like Dapper and I were dressed in when we were babies! I’m told the average twin mummy loses an additional 20 minutes each day just doing up poppers on babygros, and am determined to avoid this!

I’ve also been doing quite a lot of prep sewing – including a pile of bibs made quite literally from my bag of cotton fabric scraps and some of Dapper’s old shirts, and some baby teethers/toys for a little further down the line:

WIW1.1 032

WIW1.1 031

WIW1.1 040

Also, I’ve some flannel sheets to halve and hem into cot sheets (cot sheets are extortionate to purchase individually, in my opinion!), and a mobile to finish, once I lay hands on a suitable hanger for it – I’ll provide pics once it’s finished!

Oh, and before I go, I will also just mention that at my most recent scan the sonographer was able to confirm the genders… I woke up every day for the following week singing…

Two little boys had two little toys…


7 thoughts on “November to January: what a difference two months makes!

  1. Love all your home made stuff. You cannot have enough bibs though – my niece is a real dribbler and my sister says her record is 17 bibs in one day!

  2. Great to hear you’re in good health and so well prepared. Two little boys will be lovely – they will be such good pals and keep each other amused as they grow up. I have a boy then three girls – each time I was pregnant, Patrick said he would like a brother, but really a twin one so there’d be no age gap. Good luck and love to you all. Sarah X

  3. Cie, I have to echo the above and say how amazing you look! It’s such a cliche to describe a pregnant woman as glowing or blooming, but cliches are cliches for a reason – and here it is so true! You look so happy 🙂

    Congratulations on the news of two boys – I instantly want to buy them a little wooden horse each!

    Stay well my lovely,
    Much love,
    A x

  4. Wow, what a difference but how lovely you look. It is good to see an update from you and to hear that your are doing well. Love all the items you are making for your wee ones. Hope you continue to keep us in the loop when you are able to. Much luck to you and Dapper!

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