And 4 months later…

I last posted in January – a long time for you all to wait, I know. Back then, I looked like this:

Feb 2nd 2013 001

I was planning on another update before the twins arrived, but we all know what happens to the best laid plans, right? Especially when two little boys decide to arrive six weeks ahead of schedule!

Boys @ 1wk

Harris William (3lb10) and Conall Lewis (5lb1)

There followed 3 weeks of spending 12 hours every day at the Neo Natal Unit at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital – a unit and team I cannot fault nor thank enough for their warmth, patience and understanding – and that was just with a very tearful Mum, never mind two teeny tiny babies! Those three weeks felt to be the longest of my life, yet somehow flew by in the same haze as the next seven – and suddenly it is May, and my boys are 10 weeks old and more or less the same size as proper babes should be!

Boys @ 9wks4

I will try to update again soon with more photos – at the very least a weekly photo of the boys, until I fit into more than one of my dresses again! But I cannot promise when normal scheduled programming will resume – life with twin boys is a long way from predictable to say the least!

One Dress

Conall rocking vintage!


6 thoughts on “And 4 months later…

  1. Go glad to hear all is well – kept checking your blog. The boys are wonderful – and well done to you: here’s to a busy and very happy future for you all! XXX

  2. how lovely to know all has turned out so well. I’ve been checking back and hoping your silence just meant you were busy and happy. Beautiful baby boys, congratulations to you and Dapper

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