The Boys: Week 12

Lets dance bro

Let’s dance, bro!

Cheeky chappies

Mate, I’m just too tired!

Another exciting week this week, as we suffered the trauma of our first trip out to the GP for our first set of jabs! Luckily, my boys are a tough pair: when falling asleep during breastfeeding, common advice is to flick a baby’s feet to wake them up. My two spent so long in the NNU having needles poked into their heels for blood tests, not to mention into hands and feet for drips, etc, flicking their feet has little, if any effect! They did cry when jabbed, but only for a couple of minutes, and I think more from shock than anything else. Mummy was probably more traumatised than either of them!


Dude! It’s so not cool to smile!

HiyaBra, I just don’t care!

More good news about their weight, though, as they continue to grow at a healthy pace. They’re both being plotted on the full term baby charts now, with Harris at 7lbs 11 and Conall at 8lbs10. Conall is just starting to fit “newborn” sizes, Harris is still in “early baby” for now, but outgrowing babygros daily! We’ve been lucky to be given endless gorgeous items, both new and secondhand, so that half the time the boys can wear something different every day until they go into the next size up! My sister-in-law had a little boy on Monday (congratulations H & K – more cousins for the twins!) so am slowly bagging up clothing to pass on – although most will be too small, as he was born at the weight Harris was just 2 weeks ago!


ExhaustedExhausted by the efforts of a day’s play


One thought on “The Boys: Week 12

  1. Your boys are absolutely gorgeous. I’ve recently found out I’m expecting (seven weeks gone at the mo) and feel bewildered and very excited. It’s so nice to read about how things may be for me a few months down the line! Although I don’t think I’m expecting twins (but who knows)?! Xxx

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