Dressed for breast: repositioned skirts


Vest & skirt: Primark, many moons ago; cardigan: George @ Asda; shoes: Matalan

As my post-pregnancy body has changed shape so dramatically, I’m still struggling to wear much of my wardrobe. My dresses are simply out – no chance of fitting into them just now – but many of my skirts are being roped into play, worn higher than usual on the waist.

Blog1 lemon

This skirt was bought about a decade ago in Primark, and worn endlessly one heady summer in my Newcastle days, low-slung on the hips, with black ballet flats and a Topshop fitted tee. This was during my gym days, so I was probably at my tiniest – although looking back even during my tiniest days I never recall feeling anything but overweight…

Sushi with Sarah (2)Ah, the joys of hindsight. And experience – having ballooned to almost 16 stone shortly before the boys arrived I am now able to look back at my 10 stone self and shake my head with sorrow. Why did I let my poor body image rule my life? I wish I could go back and shake myself, tell me how great I looked!

I’m sounding more like a mother every day…


2 thoughts on “Dressed for breast: repositioned skirts

  1. Congrats to you and Dapper on your beautiful boys! And I hope this doesn’t sound creepy, but your always pretty hair looks magnificent these days. All the best-Sharon

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