Baby project: sun hat

I tend to think a lot of baby products are over-priced. Take for example the simple sunhat. An absolute necessity for a baby, but even cheapies come in around the £5 marker.

I have been given a lot of second hand baby gros, many of which I have loved, used, washed and handed on to my S-I-L for her 6 week old son. But some, having been pre-loved when they arrived and used and washed by myself several times too, have come out a little bobbled, a little faded, a little too well-used to be handed on further. These I cannot bring myself to throw away, but are starting to rather over-balance my stash…

So, I picked a few out in similar colours and attempted to turn them into a sun hat for my boys. My inspiration came courtesy of the Jojo Maman Bebe catalogue, but I could not find a similar pattern online, so devised my own…

 CIMG7034 CIMG7035 CIMG7037CIMG7039CIMG7038CIMG7047CIMG7050CIMG7051CIMG7052CIMG7053CIMG7062

My first attempt came up on the large side, so I narrowed some of the segments and altered the pattern for the second hat. The result was quite pleasing – or at least, the boys certainly thought so!




4 thoughts on “Baby project: sun hat

  1. The hats look fantastic – and what cute models for them too (love the smiles: don’t those early smiles just melt your heart?)! You are clever, and amazing too to find time for these while caring for twins. XX

    • Thank you Sarah. Last week both boys were going through a growth spurt, with round the clock feeding. One morning Conall had fed for 7 hours straight, then was screaming for more whilst I changed him. I put him down on the mat and started to sing (the boys like The Skye Boat Song) and he stopped wailing and beamed up at me. It just swept away all the frustration! So beautiful! xxx

  2. Great project. I am very impressed that you have time to make things as well as looking after your boys, but then you always managed to make things when you were really busy, so actually I am not surprised at all!!! xxx

    • Thanks Zoe – I reckon this project would usually take about an hour to complete. Each of these hats took a little over a week – literally grabbing 5 mins here and there while the boys’ naps overlapped!! My sewing machine has become a permanent feature of our living room – if it wasn’t I wouldn’t have time to actually sew! xxx

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