Getting better all the time..?

Well, we’re finally getting somewhere. I won’t lie, things have been pretty horrible for a while – between Dapper having a somewhat stressful time at work, forcing me to pick up all the slack with the boys whilst trying to shake three separate, lingering infections, life has been pretty darned awful. Everyone says of babies “you sleep when they sleep”, but with two, they seldom sleep at the same time, and I’ve been struggling to get by on between 1 and 3 hours sleep a night for a solid seven months now. It has been really tough going.

Over the past week, however, the boys seem to have turned a corner. Everyone said they would at 6 months, if I could just hang on in there, but I conveniently forgot that my two were 6 weeks premature. The 6 month marker came and passed and nothing improved. I began to despair.

And then, Dapper made an important decision about work. A cloud lifted from the wee hoose. Also, the boys hit 7 1/2 months – 6 months in full term dates. Overnight, it seemed, Conall started sleeping through the night, and even Harris started allowing me 4 hours’ uninterrupted sleep…

And on Monday this week came the magic morning that I was awoken by a cry, groaned and leapt from bed, only to realise that it wasn’t pitch black outside… that, in fact it was 6.30am! I had slept for over 6 hours – and so had they! Miracle of miracles!

So, things are looking up, at last! On Saturday I even had my first day out alone without the boys – at a craft fair in Coleshill. It was a little strange, but much easier than I was expecting. Which is just as well, as I’m due back at work in a little over a month!

And things aren’t great every night – last night, for example, I was in bed a grand total of 23 minutes between midnight and 7.45am – from midnight until 00.23, in fact. But staying sleepless for one night in three is much easier than staying sleepless night after night, right? And things can only get better…

So, here’s hoping that this is the beginning of something better. And that I can finally get back to blogging again soon. Meanwhile, here are a few recent pics to tide us all over…

20130810_221147 20130811_130051 20130901_084104  20130906_155753 20130906_155856 20130905_09202120130916_132545 20130916_155316  20130926_114702 20130926_122956 20130926_203411 20130927_170227 20130919_14521620130929_212839 20130929_213018 20130929_214649


2 thoughts on “Getting better all the time..?

  1. I’m so glad it’s all getting better hun, I can’t imagine how tough the last few months must have been. Look after yourself and don’t be afraid to beg other people into helping out XxX

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