Dressed for breast: button-through

I’m not much of a shirt or blouse kinda gal, but for easy access, the button-through dress is without doubt a godsend.


I bought this one from Joe Browns a few months ago, and wore it solidly through summer and am still wearing it regularly now! It was a funny length on me, so I added an underskirt – a frilled skirt I found in a charity shop, in fact – and now it works equally well with or without knee socks, tights, heels…


Easy to wear, easy to open, just a word of advice when buying button-through: make sure that a) the buttons unfasten easily and b) it does actually unfasten – I’ve been caught out more than once by faux fastenings.A top tip for this when shopping online is to use the zoom function to check for buttonholes peeking around the buttons, although even this isn’t foolproof…


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