What a difference a cup makes…

(Is it me, or is this blog all about boobs these days? I promise to get back to regular, boob-free postings when I return to work next week!)

So, after my last blog post I got some really helpful advice from commenters both on here and on my facebook page. I am now watching a few Collectif dresses on Ebay (thanks Cath!) and keeping an eye open for some to convert into skirts (thanks Joe!). But best of all, Christina’s comment encouraged me to take a look at Pepperberry, which made me realise that I’d need to make a trip to a store to check out their three-tiered sizing system, which made me think it might be worthwhile getting a proper fitting, if I ever wanted a proper fitting bra again. And so it happened that Dapper and I spent yesterday afternoon in Solihull Bravissimo, where the lovely girls on the staff fixed me up with a couple of 38EE bras that actually give me a cleavage once again!

I really had come to the conclusion that I would never again have a decent cleavage. Yes, my bust size has increased, but breastfeeding can leave your breasts looking somewhat the worst for wear – the skin is stretched out of shape, and I’m afraid when you can’t find the time to pee when you need to, finding time to moisturise lands pretty low down on your list of priorities! But Steph (at Bravissimo) promptly replaced my 40DD nursing bra with a moulded 38EE, and suddenly everything pointed outwards again! I can’t recommend their service strongly enough – and I am not on commission, I promise!

I came away with two new bras and a renewed sense of self-esteem. The feeling of being held in place again – despite the obvious contradictory implications – is freeing! Having smaller cup sizes before, I genuinely never realised just how encumbering larger boobs could be. I have a new-found respect for the bustier ladies in my life!

And, of course, it makes a huge difference to the line of my clothes. As Gok says, it’s all about the scaffolding – suddenly I am excited to get dressed again! Speaking of which, the boy-cubs and I have got to hit the post office today to post some ebay sales… I wonder what I should wear…


The boy cubs, ready to roll…


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