My Sanctuary

For my combined birthday and anniversary present this year, Dapper bought me something rather spectacular. He bought me a refuge, a bolt-hole to give me a break from the boys when he comes in from work, even if just for half an hour. He bought me a hut.


We got the hut for half price as a former display model from a local garden centre. The carpet was salvaged from an extention my FIL is building just now, and a friend of the family put the electrics in as a favour. It’s fully insulated with a fan heater for the cooler months, and is situated on the decking right outside the back door, so I can nip between the two without getting too cold or wet. It’s the perfect hobby room for my crafting, and I love it.




To help store my stash, I’ve been upcycling some baby product packaging. Although I mostly make my own baby food, sometimes a jar comes in handy, and we do often feed them pre-made rice pudding! The jars are ideal for sorting and storing buttons on the spice rack my Dad bought for my birthday:


And the tins their bottle of Good Night milk comes in are just too useful to throw away, so I bought some sticky back chalkboard and a chalk pen to make handy storage containers.


Hello sanctuary!


7 thoughts on “My Sanctuary

  1. Caroline, its wonderful! every girl needs her own shed or greenhouse. i have to be dragged kicking and screaming out of my sanctuary. love emma in france x

    • Hi Emma! I did spend a whole two hours in there last week, then wandered back into the house claiming that I had no clock so no clue how long I’d been. I didn’t quite get away with it, as Dapper knew I had classic fm on and they tell you the time every 30 mins! xx

  2. Caroline, I green with envy!, it looks lovely and you will be able to chill for a while in there when you need to. I have a “little” craft room, and it has made life so much easier by not having to move things from boxes to the kitchen table each time you need to do some crafting, mine does not have any heating though. Hope you are well and the boys are too.

    • Hi Amanda, Nice to hear from you! It’s definitely a help to have everything out and to hand – and to be able to leave my half-finished projects lying around too! xx

  3. Very jealous, Caroline! I wish I had something similar – my ‘sanctuary’ is my desk in the middle of the living room, so probably ‘sanctuary’ is not the best name for it. Enjoy your creative downtime in yours!

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