Getting into the festive spirit


Over the last couple of weeks I’ve finally accepted the inevitable – that it really is nearly Christmas. I just have no clue where 2013 went, with the boys arriving 2 weeks into February, and the idea that the year is almost over is just too much for my sleep-deprived brain to compute!

Still, I’m finally starting to accept that advent has arrived. So this week I have:

  • Written some Christmas cards. I had to start these in November actually, as a family member was heading out to the US for Christmas with Dapper’s wider family and offered to save us the postage, and I wanted to hand deliver some at Mikey and Jen’s wedding!
  • “Secret stalked” my secret santa “stalkee”. As far as I’m aware, this is an exclusively Macmillan International Marketing thing. Or possibly a “Jo” thing – I think she invented it. Rather than just buying a gift for your secret santa recipient, you “stalk” them, but in a nice way. You find out what they like and do little things to make their working day better – collect their documents from the printer, slip a mug of fresh hot coffee onto their desk, leave them surprise gifts – chocolate coins, for e.g – but all without them knowing who you are. It’s fun! But much easier if you are actually based in the office and don’t work from home!
  • Made a batch of mince pies. The first batch of the year, but certainly not the last, the way Dapper eats them (two at a time, five or six at a sitting…)
  • Ordered a shedload of Christmas presents online. All the family wee ones are bought for now. Plus some of the grown-ups, though ideas for a few still elude me!

I also ran a stall at a Christmas Fair on Saturday, and have another to run tomorrow. Hence the outfit shot – a chance to get dressed up and out and about!


Dress: vintage via ebay; cardigan: M&S; boots: Dorothy Perkins


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