Just one year…


Another Wednesday and another ridiculously early morning. Wednesdays really do knock me out for the rest of the week – especially if they begin with a crying Harris at 1am!

But this week I haven’t time to feel overtired. I have birthday bunting to make, cupcakes to bake and decorate, balloons to blow up…  because on Saturday my teeny tiny baby boys turn 1!

Where has the last year gone? It has simultaneously flown and dragged – I can neither recall a time before babies, nor believe they have been with us an entire year. This time last year I was blissfully unaware that I’d be preparing for an emergency Caesarean section just 24 hours down the line. I was planning the heavily-pregnant-wobble into the Oxford office the next day to continue handover with Henry, my maternity cover. It had crossed my mind that the boys might arrive early, being twins, but not that I’d go in for a scan and be admitted that same evening!

But they say all’s well that ends well, and whoever they are, they’re right! Look how well things ended for us!

Conall Hal

Expect a party update next week…


2 thoughts on “Just one year…

  1. They’re both lovely. I had an emergency c section 5 weeks ago and am currently sat in a cafe with my beautiful little boy Joe next to me sleeping in his pram. It’s amazing how quickly they make you forget the trauma of childbirth! Happy birthday to the twins. X

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