Just a girl


What I wore last Wednesday: dress: gifted; long-sleeved-T-shirt: Primark; tights: Charnos; cardi: Matalan; boots: Footglove

According to the Company Magazine email that landed in my inbox today, I’m going to be channelling 90s Gwen Stefani this Spring/Summer. I can’t help but ponder that I might have outgrown Company Magazine – seeing as I channelled 90s Gwen Stefani back in the 90s…

I am, without doubt, too old for this look. I am no longer wearing my Friday night rock-club uniform of mini skirt, knee boots, bindhi and tiara, nor the cargo-pants and fitted tees with Converse and bunches inspired by Mrs Gavin Rossdale in her Just a Girl phase.  Likewise, I am over my New Year’s Eve 1997 look of platform shoes, mini-dress and full-length coat with faux fur collar (thanks Spice Girls), and my sixth-form favourite orange tartan mini-skirt with matching jacket has long-since hit the rail of the charity shops from whence it came (thanks, Clueless!). The 90s as a whole are, in my opinion, far beyond my reach now. I must embrace a more mature silhouette.

When I got into the car last Wednesday morning wearing this lace-trimmed ditsy print dress with knee boots and long socks, I commented to Dapper that I had felt too ancient for this look for a good while. But I was feeling a little more like my old self for once, a little less exhausted by motherhood, a little less worn-out by working, and a little – just a little – slimmer. I often feel that this dress references the nineties without actually taking me back there. When you’ve already followed a trend once, a revisit can run the risk of leaving you looking more than a little stuck in the past…


One thought on “Just a girl

  1. I outgrew Company magazine many years ago – around the time they felt the need to explain that Peaches Geldof’s mother was Paula Yates… I just thought yeah, if the target audience needs to be told that then I am way too old to be reading this magazine.

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