First steps and next steps…


What I wore last Wednesday: dress & cardi: Papaya at Matalan; belt: can’t remember; tights: Charnos; heels: Bertie

Sorry about the blogging hiatus – it has been rather a busy few weeks! The boys are taking a few steps together without holding our hands now – we’re waiting with trepidation for the day when a few steps turns into a run! The sun has made an appearance, and I’m pretty sure spring is within our grasp. It has been an odd kind of year, as I don’t feel we’ve really had a winter here in the midlands – dreadful flooding in places, and storms, but no snow or ice to speak of. The arrival of the snow drops a couple of weeks ago, and the first daffodils this week came as something of a shock. As did the fact that it was suddenly warm enough to wear a dress and bring out the sandals!

I’ve also had a couple of weeks without a trip to London – the first in the aftermath of the most horribly debilitating flu I’ve ever experienced, and the second  a result of a team-building day which was not really relevant to me – as I’ll soon be leaving the team! I handed in my notice at the end of February. After years of talking about going freelance I am finally biting the bullet and going for it. I won’t bore you with details just now, but over the coming weeks I will be working on a website with all my credentials and experience, and asking you all to bear me in mind for any work you may need to send out-of-house, whether editorial, marketing, web-content, writing… you get the drift!

I’m also planning on fitting in a lot more sewing and many more fairs, to increase my children’s clothing output. So far this involves a lot of cardigans, a number of sun hats, few pairs of slippers and one skirt… but I also have a notebook chock-full of designs. I’m hoping that going freelance might give me the time to follow-through with a few more of these and really build up my stock, perhaps even chase up a few stockists willing to trial some of my designs on the market. We’ll see!


4 thoughts on “First steps and next steps…

  1. Many congrats on the work decision – I did the same when I had my first baby (18+ years ago!) and never looked back. I’m an editor too – would recommend membership of Society for Editors and Proofreaders both for local support and as source of work. Has helped me a lot over the years. Good luck and all the best, Sarah X

    • Thanks Sarah – for the encouragement and the advice! I’m already a member of the SfEP, just haven’t actually found time to fill in my profile or attend a meeting yet! But once I am freelance I’ll get started properly. Cx

  2. Love this outfit hun! Any chance of bringing the white tights out again? I remember that was like the first outfit I remember when I bookmarked your site,

    K 🙂

    • Wow – that was a long time ago! I can’t believe you remember those! I think they might have gone in the rubbish, being somewhat less than “white” these days… Cx

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