Lovely dresses

At the weekend we decided to meet up with our friends Marios & Aysu for an afternoon in the sunshine at Charlecote park. It was a glorious sunny day, with temperatures in the Midlands hitting around 17°. And I had nothing to wear.


I am still 2 dress sizes larger than I was pre-pregnancy, and the summer dresses I last wore two years ago just won’t fasten over my bust any more. So, I decided I would have to admit defeat and buy a couple of size 18 dresses.

My first stop was ASOS – a favourite because they make such a great range of midi dresses. When I’m bigger I find that I really need to hide my knees in order to feel confident. They had some beautiful dresses, but most were outside my price range.

Tiffany Midi Dress in Floral Jacquard, £85: Also available in green, Amber. I might splash out on this come summer, as I have a couple of weddings to attend this year.

ASOS Skater Dress in Check – available with 3/4 sleeves or sleeveless: £55

Just as an aside, what is with this model’s mouth? To quote one of my favourite childhood films, “Close your mouth… We are not a cod fish!”

So many pretties, so little cash! Especially since this month’s salary will be my last for a while! I needed something just a little cheaper.

On to Aspire, where the dresses are not only a little out of my price range just now, but also stock brands which stop, in many cases at a size 16, or even 14! Because we bigger gals don’t deserve to look pretty….

Emily and Fin Isobel dress – pre-order only just now, but Oh So Beautiful!

Yumi Daisy Denim Dress: £55.
Would look lovely with a white petticoat peeping from the hem!

Hell Bunny Claudia Dress: £59

Enter the lovely Amber, and her birthday dress from Florence & Fred. I’m sorry, A, but once again, I am stealing your style! When I saw this £35 polka dot number I just had to have it. And it’s available in blue chevrons too?! Bonus!

F&F Limited Edition Chevron Print Prom Dress: £35

It is now winging its way to me. A bit of a flutter, yes, but I need at least one dress to see me through spring. I don’t think Dapper could take another morning of tears of the “I have NOTHING to wear!” variety like Sunday’s!

Oh, and for the record, this is what I did wear in the end – an old favourite, definitely a little too snug just now, but affectionately known as my Charlecote dress anyway, as it’s the one I wore on our first date there!



One thought on “Lovely dresses

  1. Ah, I’m glad you got the dress, it’s really lovely for the money – am very tempted by the chevron version, too! I have the green version of the ASOS one on my ASOS wish list, too – just hoping it goes on sale at some point! I think the dress you ended up wearing looks gorgeous, though – love the touches of green!

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